LASH CLEANER (with hyaluron and rosemary water) 20ml

After several months of testing, improving the composition and refining the details, we would like to introduce you to an innovative product – our latest Brand Lashes Lash Cleaner 👩‍🔬 ️

We have improved the composition of our Cleaner not only in the composition that will guarantee us excellent retention, cleansed eyelashes, degreased, but also most importantly lash care.

That’s why our Cleaner contains hyaluron, rosemary water 🌿 and is free from alcohol‼ ️

Brand Lashes Lash Cleaner is designed to clean, degrease eyelashes, moisturize and condition the structure of the eyelashes, as well as maximize retention.

Our Lash Cleaner includes hyaluron. It is a hydrophilic substance that forms a film on the surface of the eyelashes that binds water.

Rosemary water is another ingredient that enriches the composition of our product. Rosemary water is produced by steam distillation of rosemary leaves, which stimulates eyelash growth, maintains the correct nutrition and oxygenation of our eyelashes, miraculously removes impurities and degreases natural eyelashes.